wherever you may go

The 21st century man has the opportunity to travel the globe, explore nature, and discover new places. The journeys he takes are symbols of his beliefs, and he thrives to see what’s on the other side of the mountain. On a day like today Columbus set sail and discovered America. Where will your journey take you?

inspired by imagination

Starting off with a clean slate, we've transformed the idea of an object and shaped it into a product that symbolizes the beautiful harmony between performance and design. With the 56 NORD project, we have set a new and beautiful benchmark for high-performance roof boxes.


unrivaled quality.

When every aspect of how a roof box should work, perform and appear was put to life, a product of unrivaled quality emerged with a design that will turn heads.

order information

made to match.

The moment when you can´t explain why, but you have that feeling and you know – "It just feels right."

When we installed the first prototypes on test cars, a feeling of joy and pride ran through our veins! We created what we set out to do, a roof box that works and looks like it belongs on the beautiful cars we travel with.

built for speed

Whether you’re stretching out on the highways of Sweden, or thundering towards the Alps on the German Autobahns, the 56nord roof box will have no problem keeping pace: It’s built for speed!

carbon fiber

Plastic is cheaper, it’s easier to work with, it makes more sense and it’s something we will use in the future. But with our first product we have no desire to make sense. We are here to create an uncompromising product that leaves no aspect out. We don´t care that each box takes about 70 hours to build. Each box is produced by carefully placing carbon fiber, layer by layer, with a handmade technique to create the beautiful lines of a 56 Nord roof box. Using the best materials available, we have created an uncompromising product that leaves nothing behind.

unobstructed access

Our unique, in-house developed hinge system allows for a 300 degree unobstructed access for easy loading/unloading.

technical specifications

Volume: 405 l (14,3 cu)
L: 215cm (84.6in)
W: 98cm (38.6in)
H: 34cm (13.4in)


Thank you for your interest in our products.
We would like to thank each and every one of you for your patient support as we continue on this journey towards production.

In just a few weeks, we will launch the 56 NORD full Carbon Fiber Roof Box.

We are very excited to announce that our products will be available for order by the end of December.

A new webpage will be launched on December 9, 2016, with full specifications on all our models.

We thank you for your patience and looking forward to our launch in December.

Feel free to e-mail us at preorder@56nord.com to reserve your box, or at sales@56nord.com about any other questions you may have about our product.

Updated Nov 23, 2016